Long Arm Quilting Services

We provide two options to help complete your quilts using our long arm quilting machines:

1) Long arm rental - HandiQuilter Amara Longarm machine - 20" of throat space,  stitch regulated, high speed, brightly lit workspace. Able to quilt up to a king size quilt.  

We assist with loading your quilt and choosing a design (free form or Pantagraphs).  We guide you through the process - its a fun way to complete your projects on your own!  You need to call ahead to book a date - we ask at this time that you only quilt one quilt per day.  We have over 100 Pantagraphs to choose from and use King Tut's 100% cotton quilting thread.  Cost:  $30/hour plus thread, needle, batting and backing if needed.   

2). Edge to Edge Long Arm Quilting Service - leave your quilt with us!  We review pattern choices with you (over 100 to choose from!), thread color and density of quilting and we complete the quilting for you.  Cost:  $40/hour plus thread, needle and batting and backing if needed. 

Preparation in advance:

Quilt tops and backing to be well pressed please! Remove/snip all extra threads from the quilt top.  Backing and batting needs to be 5"-6" larger on all sides compared to the quilt top (e.g. quilt top 50" x 50", backing 60/62" x 60/62").